Monday, December 24, 2007

A letter to God

Dear God, first I want to thank you for the good year that I've had. However, I a few request. Now, I know that this might sound a bit needy of me, but hear me out.
first, I humbly ask you to help those that are in most need. There are 39 million Americans in the US alone that wake up with very little. Then there are those countless number of people around this globe who can't afford to feed their families, because they can't find work. there are those people who are suffering from sicknesses that do have cures but can't afford to buy them. There are many people who can't send their kids to school, Money is always an issue. Aside from that, I ask that you would help those illegal immigrants who have become the targets of political campaigns that use them to help their political agendas, to help those suffering from racial bigotry who are misguided and need direction.
Also, I would ask to help find cures to such diseases such cancer, and lupus and Aids, and many other sicknesses so that no one has to lose someone that they love.

And last but not least, If you are so mighty and powerful, please put and end to the wars around the world and let us live in peace. I know you are able to do this, please help.
Truly yours,
A believer!..
Thanks for giving me the best family ever.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Gift Cards

Nothing says "I don't really care that much" about someone as a gift card. To me it says, "I really don't want to spend the time on finding what you want". This is a trend that is becoming more and more common. But there is just so many things you can buy someone, as kids get older their likes and dislikes are not as apparent as when they were young kids. Now they expect more expensive toys, like mp3 players, i-pods, computers and even cars. sure, who has the money to buy such expensive gifts, well the very rich perhaps, but us regular folks, well, its just not going to happen. I remember when all we had to do was go to a local toy store, like target or toys r'us, and quickly buy the simple toys, a few dolls for a girl, cars and trains for boys, etc.. but no more. The choices too have become to numerous to even make a quick choice off the shelves, no now it takes planned strategies, a detail plan to find the child a gift that not only gives countless hours of fun, but now toys are expected to educated as well as provide fun.
So, instead of spending countless hours wondering around the malls like a lost soul, buying a gift card is not such a bad idea, this way, if they don't like what they get, hey its their own fault.
Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Why do dogs bark at the wind?

My dogs, Spencer and Tasha have a peculiar habit. they like to bark at the wind. Perhaps they can hear something we humans can't but what? only thing you can hear outside is the traffic from either the 405, 5, or 118 freeways, which by the way is our boundaries. We have three freeways as perimeters about our neighborhoods. But the dogs can hear things which I cannot possibly hear. Either that, or they are both suffering from some kind of noise neurosis that makes them nervous and they find the need to bark. But the weird thing is, they do it in turns. When Spencer is barking for example, Tasha simply ignores it, and just watches Spencer go for it, like a mindless lunatic. Its amazing to watch. they seem to have a preference of which noise they will bark at. Tasha prefers to bark at cat noises, while Spencer barks at his own farts.

If only they would bark at the intruders who knock at our door trying to sell us a years supply of carpet shampoo, or those annoying newspaper sales people. Not to mention those Real Estate canvassers who leave their paraphernalia at our doors. Now that's something to bark at. Perhaps I'll join the dogs for a session of barking at the wind!.....Aaaoooooooouuuuu!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Food for Thought

When you can enjoy a good breakfast on a Saturday with you family, life is truly good. when you don't have to get up and go to work, but instead you can wake up at what ever time you wish, life is grand. To be able to sit and watch the news on CNN or listen to them on NPR, then life is even better. What better way to enjoy your breakfast than with a nice hot cup of coffee and a hot biscuit with butter and jelly to top it off.
Life is good.

Tripple XXX

You be surprise what three letters can bring to ones blog site. If I use these three letters, XXX, brings out the freaks from all corners of the Internet. If you were looking for something other than a blog, you are in the wrong place.
to get what you want, you'll have to go else where, this is not for you. Here all you will find is honest writing about learning, thinking with the head on your shoulders.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Mother lives on

The end of life comes faster for some than others, and with it much grief is left behind. When it happens to someone one knows, or even closer like a parent, a father or even worse, a mother. Many men or boys are especially close to their mothers, and yours truly was no exception. Death arrives slowly sometimes and faster other times. Which is better? there is no good way of loosing a loved one, no good way of seeing your mother decay day by day, knowing that soon she will be gone, not able to comfort you with that sweet way of caring that only a mother can do. She will not be able to see you graduate from college, or see her grandchildren finish high school. And, she will be unable to attend Christmas with the rest of the family, and we will no be able to enjoy having mom around to make her special meals that only she could ever cook, like no other.
On some days while sitting quietly, you will swear you can still hear her calling your name, and you will turn around only to see and empty sofa chair where she might have been sitting some time, not long ago.
But a mother never actually dies, sure her presence is not visible, but her memories of what she represented lives within us all, the way she told us to turn off the lights when we leave a room, to pick up your socks instead of leaving them in the living room, yes she still lives, because every time your turn off the lights, she is there. Every time you eat a meal, not made by mom, you'll remember that she always could make it better. A mother will forever be with us, she may have gone, but her memory will live forever.