Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Moronic Romney!

     I am not a republican, however I've been watching the crazy drama that partakes daily in the media, and the things that these power hungry politicians say to get ahead of the other guy..I mean, they'll say just about anything. Today, no exception. Romney,  in his usual moronic manner told everyone that he did not care about the poor, that somehow they have a safety net. I am not sure what that is, welfare? That is not a safety net, that is hitting rock bottom. Many Americans are there at one time or another, many never actually get out of it.
    Many live in places not fit for roaches, some live in one room garage converted places, with up to four sometimes more kids. This is the safety net that Mitt is talking about? Does he know what poverty is? He is clueless as to how the other 99.9 percent of Americans live like.How one family is making ends meet, pay check to pay check. Not knowing if they'll have enough for rent or mortgage, so they don't get their homes foreclosed, or evicted from their apartment because they just can't afford the rent. He does not know what its like to be awoken early in the morning by the sheriff handing you a notice to evacuate the premises because you could not afford the rent.
    Having to eat at moms house because you just don't have enough for food, but make to much to receive food stamps, barely making enough to pay bills, most times not paying them at all, there just not enough money. He has no clue.. He has no clue.

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