Saturday, July 9, 2011

We can fix our own economy!

The unemployment rate is back up to 9.2 percent, according to news reports. The media and republicans alike usually blame it on the president, as if he could actually create jobs, jobs that are being lost because American corporations continue to lay people off so they can send those positions over to India and China.
We allow this to happen by continuing to insists that cheaper is better, and not caring about the consequences of what happens when we buy products made elsewhere.
We do have the power to change things but we must make the conscious effort to look for and buy American products; you may pay a little more, but in the long run this will improve our own economy, because those products bought here will create jobs here.

I am dedicating this place to write about this, Not because I want to profit out of this, in fact I make no money here, none, zero. If however I can convince a few people in the long run to make the effort to improve our own economy, helping others get and keep a job, then I will have made some kind of difference. Americans complain and then point fingers at others for the status our country is in, but we the people have within our power to change things. Do not wait for anyone else to change things, corporations only care about profit, well, they will no profit from me unless they make a conscious effort to keep jobs here, in the U.S..
with that in mind, I will periodically post places that sell American products. Will you join me in making a difference? I hope you will.

What can you do for your Country?

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